Patrice Villastrigo > Vocals, Percussion
Michael Villastrigo > Vocals
Richie Cole > Alto Saxophone
Spot Barnett > Tenor Saxophone
Gabriel Hernandez > Piano, Keyboard
Gene Perla
> Bass, MIDI, Percussion
Joel C. Williams > Keyboard
Ken Basman > Guitar
Tyler Mitchell > Bass
Bobby Kapp > Drums, Vocals, Harmonica
Oscar Laun > Bongos

Skinny Llama CEO
Golden Orchid CD


  1. Because We Believe 4:58
  2. Clueless In Dallas 4:54
  3. You Must Love Me 3:26
  4. Ebb Tide 2:22
  5. Pure Imagination 4:45
  6. Open Fire 3:47
  7. Somewhere 4:16
  8. Here’s To Life 4:53
  9. Ode To Eddie 5:47
10. You’re Nearer 3:25

11. Pure Imagination
      The Musically Animated Version
12. I Put A Spell On You 1:32

Get ready to rock your socks off, relax, and to go off into fantasyland...all with the music within this CD! This recording started with one week left to film the 'boys in the band' before they all departed San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, after the last tour concert and went their separate ways. With their own performance rehearsals and gigs, both with the tour band and with others, they had little time to devote to my CD project. However, the musicians herein 'squoze' me in! We had one afternoon to rehearse and two afternoons to record! Then Gene Perla took over the project at his studio in Pennsylvania. What a master at his craft! We'd be listening and editing with engineer, Nick, when Gene would say,"Stop! That note is out of pitch." This was every instrument on the recording!! Then, I asked him to "symphonize" some of the songs. So, he would sit at the midi and in one take play the piece brilliantly! What a blessing that I have all of these very talented and authentic musicians! By Authentic I mean true "play this note and repeat it in the edit". Oh no! They played every note on this CD themselves! Now when it came to the bonus track, Pure Imagination, I did a "Musical Animation" (yes, you may quote me!) that included repeats, reverbs and sounds like no other!! Now it's off to the Grammy's! Thank you for listening!

Patrice Villastrigo
> Producer / Arrangements
Gene Perla > Co-Producer
Recorded in San Miguel de Allende by Ken Basman
Recorded, Edited, Mixed, and Mastered at The System MSP by Nick de la Motte
Cover Graphics > Patrice Villastrigo & Gene Perla
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All Rights Reserved